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HP UFT 11.5 Features :

Unified Functional Testing 11.5  from HP is going to hit the Software automation testing market soon by its prominent features and wide driven usability of automation testing requirements.

Now onwards QTP 11.5 and Service Test will be a part of  UFT 11.5 software as :

Unified Functional Testing(UFT) = QuickTest Pro(QTP) + Service Test(ST) 

Here Quick Test Professional (QTP) is functional automation testing tool and Service Test (ST) will available in single package to serve the Automation testing needs prominently.

hp uft 11.5 features are defined by its advanced accessibility of the tools which incorporated in the hp uft 11.5 interface.

HP QTP/UFT 11.5 New Features : Here we are providing the write up on top of  UFT 11.5 new features and HP UFT 11.5 advantages in automation testing  .Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is seamless interface for both functional automation (UI Automation) and API testing (ST) .

HP UFT Insight : At any point QTP is unable to recognize the application objects ? In practical ,using the Insight feature in UFT 11.5 will handle this type of challenging issues . Unified Functional Testing HP gung-ho about this Insight new feature in UFT 11.5 , HP said that   " With Image-based object identification you can now learn an object’s (or images) different states and convert that into a recognizable object within the object library " 

HP UFT  Insight feature cut down the walls with this image-based object recognition,which makes HP UFT 11.5 / QTP 11 as market leader in Function automation region .

Script Debug : On top of QTP current debugging capabilities which are limited , but Using this new feature of UFT 11.5 We can able to debug the two or more automation scripts at same time using the UFT 11.5 IDE.

Following panes are greatly added to the HP UFT  list of debug features :
  • Call Stack
  • Loaded Modules
  • Threads
  • Local Variables Pane
  • Console Pane
  • Watch
  • Debug pane.

Checkpoints : As using UFT 11.5 Checkpoints feature can directly compare the PDF  files and run the checkpoints on respective files 

CI System Integrations : Another promising feature in HP UFT 11.5 is , we can use open source Continuous Integration(CI) systems like Jenkins and Hudson.

Enhanced IDE : A brand new modern IDE for Unified Functional Testing 11.5 by HP  which answers &  competitive for many modern IDE’s like Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio etc

Mobile Testing : Another awesome feature in Unified Functional Testing (UFT) is extended Support for Mobile Testing via developing agnostic scripts and can be used on multiple mobile devices & OS on simulators as well in real devices well.

have many new features in Unified Functional Testing 11.5 such as script editing, coding, MDI, checkpoints, auto completion etc  with all these hp uft 11.5 new features adapted to HP QTP 11 features and makes these products as market leaders in automation testing as well as in Service testing.

UFT 11.5 Features are uncounted ,but above are some prominent countable features in UFT 11.5 which makes stand out from other industry renowned tool .

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