Download & Installtion of HP UFT 11.5 (Unified Functional Testing)

HP UFT 11.5 (Unified Functional Testing) and QTP 11.5 download & installation steps:

Now HP finally  released  UFT 11.5 for  automation customers & lovers . HP UFT 11.5 trail version (The trial period of the software is 30 days) is available in the HP official site , its not for commercial purpose. HP UFT 11.5 download details marked in the below steps .

Step - by - step download & installation of  UFT(Unified Functional Testing) 11.5 and QTP 11.5  here .

Step 1: To download hp uft 11.5 , Go to HP UFT 11.5 download location and download the UFT 11.5 installation file

Step 2 : Click on HP UFT ‘Trial software’ and then click on the link ‘HP Unified Functional Testing 11.50 CC English SW E-Media Evaluation’


Step 3 : Enter personal details and click Next for  UFT 11.5 download


Step 4 : Click on agree to Evaluation Software Terms of Use for UFT  download


Step 5 : Click the download button of the evaluation version of UFT 11.5 ,  after download you will get an ISO image file.


Step 6 : Verify the downloaded file is corrupted or genuine one by  " MD5 Check " software .

Step 7 :  After completion of MD5 Checksum steps mentioned here and come back to Step #8

Step 8 :  Downloaded UTF 11.5 ISO image file is an archive file , To extract contents, right click on the UTF 11.5 ISO image –> 7-Zip –> Extract to “Software_HP_UFT_11.50_English_T6510-15080”
(The easiest way I know to extract contents from ISO file is by using a free utility software called 7zip which can be downloaded here.)

HP UFT 11.5 and HP QTP 11.5 Installation steps :

HP Quick test Professional 11.5 is comes with HP Unified Functional Testing Software suite . ie.When ever we install HP UFT , it will come with HP QTP 11.5 .

Software Pr-requisites :

• IE 7or IE8 or IE9
• Windows XP SP2 or XP SP3 or Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1 .
• UFT 11.5 does not support Windows 8

[ UFT_PAM.pdf for the complete list of compatible software. This pdf is available under the same folder where Setup.exe is present at Step #2 ]

• Upgrading from QTP 9.5 or above versions, the installation process will automatically uninstall the older version and install UFT. iF upgrading from QTP 9.2 you need to manually uninstall QTP 9.2 before upgrading to this version.

HP UFT 11.5 installation steps : 

Here we are providing  HP uft 11.5 installation  steps for your reference:

Step 1: Extracted the contents as shown in Step #8 above, go inside the folder Software_HP_UFT_11.50_English_T6510-15080 and double click on Setup.exe file to start the installation.

Step 2: Choose default options on the next few screens. [Note: Along with default Active Add-in, Visual Basic Add-in and Web Add-in, UFT 11.5 setup comes with the following 13 add-ins which can be installed per your requirement: Delphi, Flex, Java, .NET, Oracle, PeopleSoft, PowerBuilder, Qt, SAP Solutions, Siebel, Stingray, TE, Visual Age]

Step 3: The place where it asks for QTP license keys, click on Cancel button.

Now Installation is completed successfully for  HP UFT 11.5

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